Day: December 20, 2014

Sunshine Snoozes

Sunshine Snoozesdec 20th 014Ahhh … the sunshine has come out today. And that means that come noon you’ll find donkeys tucked into their sunny beds.
Sunshine Snoozesdec 20th 011No traipsing back to the barnyard on a day like today! Bella found the perfect spot of grass against the hillside to just soak up that heat. When I spent some time providing her daily dose of back rubs I was delighted with how hot her coat was!
Sunshine Snoozesdec20c2Darby thought she’d attempt to get Bella to share that warm cozy bed … but no go.
Sunshine Snoozesdec20c3So Darby moved on a bit farther and then soon enough the sun had her yawning…
Sunshine Snoozesdec20c8… followed instantly by falling asleep!
Sunshine Snoozesdec20c10