Day: December 18, 2014

Meet Friendly

Friendlyfriendly 3I would very much like you to meet Friendly. He is a palomino pony and donkey mix. That makes him a mule. He is a people animal … loves company, hugs, carrot treats … and he NEEDS a home. Friendly lives on a farm that is being sold. He is just down the road from us.
Friendlyfriendly 5He has a stiff right hip that gives him a stiff legged gait when he trots – which he does! When he walks he just ambles along without much favouring of that leg at all. I’m one of three families on this road that are working hard this week to find Friendly a new place to live. We’ve got trailering lined up to help him move and people spreading the word. His days are numbered … and we feel he is too gentle and ‘friendly’ an animal to meet his end so soon.
Friendlyfriendly 4I love his palomino mane! His current herd contains work horses and two other mules. They’ll all be moved next Tuesday.
Friendlyfriendly 003He’s about the size of our miniature jenny, Rosie. And believe me! When I was over there this morning at Friendly’s farm I had to fight the urge to just walk him home to my place. But I know that I have the maximum number of animals that our property can support.

It’s been interesting this week as I’ve pursued options for Friendly. I’ve been in touch with the Primrose Donkey Sanctuary in Roseneath. They are an amazing organization that has helped out an impressive line up of donkeys and mules. Check out their website – and if you can – donate a few dollars. They’re involved in a fund raising campaign to improve their facilities and add another hundred acres. Sheila, founder and proprietor, is a great resource for donkey people in this end of Ontario.

But first and foremost! Do you know of anyone who could give Friendly a friendly home?