Zen Doodleszen doodling dec 14 002One week until the first day of winter … It sure gets dark early this time of year. By five o’clock we were past twilight and into streetlights. We have been heading out for our afternoon chores around three thirty this week. By four thirty the herd starts to head for the back paddock and wants nothing more than the chance to lay down and sleep. A couple of times I have cozied myself into a corner of one of the barns to hang out … but then I get dozy too! So instead – I’ve taken to finding my computer tucked into the dark reaches of our study – glowing with screensaver images of our gardens – where I can select a CBC podcast. Isn’t that THE best invention ever! I love being able to browse through the week’s programming and choose something that catches my interest. I quite like ‘As It Happens‘. Their description of themselves is perfect: Listening to As It Happens is like taking a trip around the world. From the complex headlines of the day to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the story behind the story. I discovered on a recent trip to Penetang that the distance from our door to my aunt’s is one week’s worth of their podcasts! I also love listening to ‘Tapestry‘. Mary Hines has great interviewing skills and finds interesting guests to discuss matters of faith and spirituality that cross all branches of thought. CBC offers all kinds of podcast options. Check them out.
Zen Doodleszen doodling dec 14 003While I’m listening to a show I’ve discovered a great way to keep my focus. Zendoodling! I’d not heard of that art style before. It came as a surprise in my library book reservation bin. (THAT is entirely another story!) I opened a book called ‘Zentangles’. I require something that keeps my eyes busy in order to let my ears focus…  Strange but true. As I’ve plugged in more and more over this darkening stretch of days I’ve had time to really play with patterns. It’s fun!
Zen Doodleszen doodling dec 14 001It also doesn’t require a lot of artistic talent! Useful! 😉 I hope you’re finding ways to stay healthy and uplifted this month!

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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