Hanging out at the Meadow

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Adding heat into our front room meant that I had eyes on the donkeys from inside the house. That gave me a chance to catch a little of their regular afternoon ‘tom foolery’. If you get this message in an email you’ll need to click on the title above to get to the page that will show you the video clip. It was funny to watch Bella and Darby attempt to get the other two to run and play. They will only run the complete trails up into the woods and down into the back paddock area if everyone goes. If even one donkey hangs back they’ll run in cirlces in order to not leave anyone alone. This day that is exactly what happened. Rosie and Bella had to keep turning back when they realized they were all alone. If I had stepped outside with the camera it changes everything. They usually stop running. I’m still aiming to catch some footage of them doing the complete paddock and woods circuit. They get going so quickly and do amazing skidding stops and stallion stances. The donkeys have a large paddock area, a hilly woods area that is about twice the size of the paddock and then ‘donkey village’ (aka back paddock). At the end of the video clip they come over the hill to the donkey village for some eats.  If you take our long rectangular property and take a small square chunk out of the southwestern corner for our house the rest is donkey habitat. Check it out…

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