November Mish Mash

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Nov Mish Mash9Hi out there,
Yikes! We dropped off the radar again! All is well – just seems this month has been a busy one. A good busy. We had enough snow to plow – and then we didn’t.
Nov Mish Mash8We’re back to layers of leaves … under which are piled squirreled away treasures of nuts. Makes for great grazing contests. Who can find the acorns first? Me or Darby?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve lucked upon a ‘brand new’ friend. This is Connor. He comes with his mom for a weekly visit and chit chat. Sure is delightful to hold onto a little chicken sized human! 😉
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeems I’ve added another set of credentials to my name – Baby Whisperer.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve been a construction zone for the last little while. In retrospect – as I sit here basking in a cozy warm house with soft warm air BLOWING out at my feet here in the study – our old furnace was ready to retire.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday a brand spanking new propane furnace moved in. It is quite something! And it takes up so much less room that …
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA… this area will soon turn into our ‘Mud Room’. Seems we’re giving up on balancing at the top of the stairs while trying to put on our boots at the same time as we attempt to not topple backward down the steps.
Nov Mish Mash7The other preoccupation this month has been our local Little Theatre’s production of ‘Aladdin’. I’ve been busy working on publicity – photos, video clips, Facebook page, website and the Marquee. Tonight is opening night! Looking forward to the show. Lots of local talent involved.
Nov Mish Mash10It was hard to explain to Rosie that it is a people only show. She would love to tag along!

Hope November is treating you well. Glad so much is going on when the daylight hours are so slim and far between! Is it any wonder that all around the globe there are festivals based on ‘light’ celebrated at this time of year?!

Hugs from the Meadow!

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