November Blues

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November Blues1I realized today that I’ve been carrying my camera around in my coat …
November Blues2… waiting for a sunny day that would show off the snow.
Paco explained that I should just give up on that …
November Blues4… after all it is November.
November Blues6
That gave me the perfect chance to explain to him that November ‘blues’ are no longer! The sun doesn’t need to shine. November is a GREAT month. It contains ‘Paco Day’ and ‘Happy Day’ and the first fresh snow. It is the month we get to give the Bully its first plowing workout. The sleds slide a lot more easily.
November Blues3In fact … truthfully … I wistfully looked back at the snow this evening when I came in. I have a feeling that over the next few days we’re going to see it all washed away.
November Blues5Our neighbours, Rob and Janice, added this great ‘Donkey Barometer/Thermometer’ to the hay barn. The barometer was heading for ‘Change’ this afternoon.
November Blues8Nice to see you snow! Hope you’re back soon … in nice manageable quantities! 😉

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