Nov 91Bella: Hungry … hungry … hungry!
Nov 92Bella: Good thing you showed up with breakfast Mom!
Nov 93Darby: ‘Cause we haven’t had anything good to eat in HOURS!!
Nov 94Me: Really? Hours? Rosie?
Nov 98Rosie: Oh darn … my face can’t tell a lie!
Nov 97Darby: Rosie! We haven’t had anything in hours… remember? HOURS!
Nov 910Rosie: Pssssst … Mom … we did have a little snack …
Nov 96Me: So THAT’s what happened to those ironwoods …
Nov 99Rosie: I’ll just go to my room …
Nov 95Paco: Okay kid … just pretend you don’t understand a word of what is being said over there. Keep your head down.

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