Fall Spiff Up

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Fall Spiff Up2I’ve been working away at our ‘fall spiff up’ this week. I’m attacking one room at a time. Today – the study. There is now room on my desktops … no bankers boxes on the floor … and space on my shelves to take on this winter’s projects. I’ve gathered in cord after cord … after cord … and tossed those I couldn’t identify and labeled all of those I can plug into something.
Fall Spiff Up22Fall Spiff Up21

I learned a neat trick a few years ago that really helps keep my cords from getting all tangled in desk drawers. I use old bathroom tissue rolls! By labeling the outside of the roll I can easily find the one I need when I need it.  I even backed up all of our family photos from 2006 to the present… I did also unwind and store TWO hay bales … but that was just my warm up. Can you tell I’m ‘between projects’! 🙂
Fall Spiff Up3Teddy is absolutely exhausted! AND not pleased that his favourite cardboard box seems to have disappeared.
Fall Spiff Up1Meanwhile – just outside the windows the yellow and orange parade is marching on!

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