Day: September 29, 2014

Bonar Presbyterian Church – 100 Years

One of the wonderful events this past weekend was the opportunity to be part of the group celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the church that my parents were married in and that raised their generation of siblings. I have memories of this church from when I was a two year old flower girl in my godparents’ wedding … plus again in my Aunt Helen and Uncle Jack’s wedding … from Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. I have fond memories of sneaking up the choir stairs to try to play the organ,  of sitting packed in a pew full of aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins … I remember church picnics and dinners. I remember getting to try to pull the big thick church bell rope in the vestibule … I remember the minister then, Mr. Carter, as if he were another of my uncles. Many things have come full circle … and now we have been gathered into Bonar for family funerals … bidding farewell to those very aunts and uncles who played such an important role in our childhoods.  Thank you Bonar Church for putting on such a wonderful weekend that allowed many to come from far to celebrate the family memories developed there … for me … over the past fifty years!