Day: September 19, 2014

Black Diamond to Green Circle Rating

Woods Road1There was a rumbling in our woods today … Travis and his handy dandy machines were back to turn the ‘black diamond’ run to the front paddock into a more …
Woods Road2… even slope. Something Ede could see ‘us’ driving well into our seventies. 😉
Woods Road7Once the excavator was done its stint out came my favourite machine – the compact tractor! Darby is another fan! 😉 Although … she was more attracted to the pear being eaten by the tractor driver.
Woods Road8The donkeys know Travis very well by now. (He has helped us out plenty here before!) Darby’s thinking that his water might be just as tasty as the end of the pear he shared with her …
Woods Road9Rosie felt the reach was worth investigating too!
Woods Road10Today I got my long awaited lesson in tractor driving. I managed to do about three loads of gravel (at a very slow speed) while Travis had some phone business to attend to.
Woods Road11A cinch! 😉
Woods Road3By the end of the afternoon the former slippery slope had evolved into a respectable road.
Woods Road4As usual – the forerunner in checking anything new out – Rosie gave it ‘two ears up‘.
Woods Road5There is quite a lift to the ‘road’ at the ‘top’ of the woods. We may need to do a little reinforcing there … judging by how quickly the hooves of the herd slid into the loose gravel at the bank.
Woods Road6I’m thinking it looks plowable … that was one of the main aims. (Well, that and the head first feeling my passengers got when riding down the former slope with me!) The final call – looking good in Paco’s eyes.