Day: September 16, 2014

Three Bags Full

Been out of touch the last few days – ugh – fall flu bug!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt felt good to get myself down to the front paddock to let some fresh air do its magic.
Three Bags Full3Always great to be greeted by good friends along the pathway. 😉
Three Bags Full4I swapped a few ‘crazy messages’ with Cythia Minden (aka The Donkey Dame) about our hay bags. My first message definitely was affected by my flu addled brain. I guess when you are beginning to fight a bug these bags can feel like ten pounds each. However, when clearer heads prevailed they turned out to be about four pounds each. It was interesting to weigh them … and a bit daunting … as I’m always a bit worried about whether I’m feeding the herd correctly… Turned out though I’m pretty much on target.
Three Bags Full8I’ve finally gotten myself to the point that I can tie the bags shut. I was always leaving the tops open so they could more easily get at the hay. I can see now that by tying them up the donkeys eating experience over the day is much more like grazing than gobbling. I put out three bags in the front paddock and three in the back. Some days they’ll empty all six – most days – four or five.
Three Bags Full6Those agile lips of theirs can tease every last strand of hay out of the bag over the day.
Three Bags Full9And … there is plenty of room for buddies to share.
Three Bags Full2The road work continues … It has been a LONG go! They started up the 1st of July and have been working almost twelve hour days Monday to Friday since then!! We’ve come to know a lot of the crew. They love it when Edie goes grocery shopping because she always brings them back treats – like a tray of cookies or baked goods. Many of them know the donkeys by name and chat at them as they are working or walking by.
Three Bags Full10Even the noisiest and heaviest of their trucks don’t bother the herd. Mostly they just eat and then watch the action. Every now and again something will seem novel enough that they’ll line up along the fence line to catch the action.
Three Bags Full5Now that fly season and biter season has abated the donkeys are spending more time in the woods. They love the hickory pignuts and are scooping up any fresh leaves that fall. That matches the squirrel and chipmunk ‘farming’ routine perfectly. Those critters nip off the end of branches … I think to encourage new growth to enjoy – fresh greens?
Three Bags Full7September has proven to be a spectacular month so far.