Day: September 12, 2014

First Whiff of Fall

Karen S1We got our first ‘bite’ of fall air this morning. The gardens are starting to lose their lustre … the daisies are thinning out – the hydrangea are hanging their spent heads low to the ground – the phlox are seedy and starting to show more mould than colour … Sigh …

BUT the morning glories are coming into their blooming season! Yeah! I’m glad they’re planted beside the front door this year. I’m much better at noticing each bloom this way.

I will need to adjust my thinking about grabbing a jacket on my way out to deliver carrot breakfast to the donkeys. Even though it will likely end up tossed over the fence as soon as the sun shines on the lower paddock. Time to enjoy long pants, fall sweaters and cozy afghans and quilts for afternoon snoozes.