Paddock Play


Bootie2I had the chance to see my training with ‘Jeff the Farrier’ pay off today.  As he checked out Rosie this morning I mentioned that she seemed to have one hoof that she didn’t like me to ‘brush’ or clean. Sure enough …
Bootie9… turns out she had a small hole in her sole. He was able to gently scrape some of her sole away to let it open and drain. We then ‘packed’ it and wrapped it in an athletic sock.
Bootie10She was looking very ‘sporty’ … however – the sock only lasted until dinner time. I’ve rewrapped it and hope that it can stay dry now until tomorrow. I’m so glad that Jeff is just around the corner – well … a country corner!
Bootie1I had to chuckle at Bella Sky’s appearance this morning. As she has been losing her baby fur and chubbiness … her ears have unfurled and gone through a growth spurt! I bet there isn’t much that those ears don’t pick up! 😉
Bootie3As I was raking up the lower paddock I noticed that Paco has discovered he can eat out of the new bags in the Bully ‘trunk’! That way he doesn’t have to jockey with the  jennies to get a good mouthful.
Bootie4Rosie tried to get in on the action …
Bootie5… but she is too short. She then thought she’d sneak around the back of the Bully to get a hold of my gloves! 😉
Bootie6She can tell when she’s being watched … and knows she’d get caught!
Bootie8By the time Paco had managed to get a few good mouthfuls of hay from the new bags Darby realized she was missing out on a good thing. Notice their ears … they heard me tell Rosie to leave my gloves alone … and they were ready for me to tell them to ‘back away from the Bully’. 😉 Very attentive our crew!

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