An Embarrassment of Colour


August 10th1The Blue Jays are now at EIGHTEEN INNINGS … not the ones in our yard … the ones on the television that have most of our family members across the country on the edge of their seats! In between innings I’m popping up some great pictures from today.
August 10th2This time of year I find I describe our gardens as an embarrassment of colour’.
August 10th3
Dry hot August days after cool rainy July ones make for very colourful and tall blooms!
August 10th5I was walking in the woods with the donkeys when I realized what beautiful views the sun was making just outside the shade of the trees.
August 10th6I’m sure that is why they spend time in the woods …
August 10th7… it’s their own version of HGTV! 😉
August 10th8Having the backside of the garden right along the front paddock fence line means the herd has been doing all of the weeding for us!
August 10th15Now even the paddock has a garden.
August 10th4Hmmm… not that they are all that impressed by colour.
August 10th12No … colour doesn’t seem to enthrall them at all.
August 10th13On the other hand … warm sand … warm morning sunshine …
August 10th14… and the grass that grows on the hillock does seem to catch their attention.
August 10th10AND scrunchies … those are appreciated by all creatures – human and donkey – around here.

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