Girl Power

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I came across this video clip that we took earlier this week … and had a few great chuckles watching it. First though – take a look at that mighty little three year old.
Big Bale 1She is in there like a dirty shirt …
Big Bale 2… all 30 pounds of her!
Big Bale 3I can see real determination in this little one!
Big Bale 4Big Bale 5She opened the gate for us …
Big Bale 6Big Bale 7… and then ran back to get back on the job.
Big Bale 8Kyla blew a shoe on the way through the paddock …
Big Bale 9… but the mighty three year old stays on the job. 😉
Big Bale 9bSoon we’re back to full four girl team power.
Big Bale 9cGetting closer … well – at least three of us can see that we’re closer.
Big Bale 9dHmmm… even on a milk carton Lexi still can’t see over the bale. Seemed this bale was a little wide for the door … but I’ll spare you that fifteen minute effort! 😉 Below is a sped up version of two granddaughters and two grammas moving ONE BIG BALE! (If you get this by email you’ll have to click the title ‘Girl Power’ to bounce over to my blog to see the video clip.)

LOVE these two girls! AND the determination of the three year old version of Lexi!

1 comments on “Girl Power”

  1. There has to be away to harness donkey power for rolling in their hay bale. Where are those inventive minds ?? Love Kate

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