The Naturalist Returns

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur budding naturalist returned for another week of ‘Gramma Camp’. When Kyla left in July she asked if we could possibly set up her desk again in August. She has her computer, notebooks, Science specimen collection, drawing and writing materials and a selection of good books.
GCamp6Once Kyla reacquainted herself with her specimen collection it was time to go out and explore to find more.
GCamp5One of the first discoveries was this caterpillar which we think will eventually become a type of Tussock Moth. One of Kyla’s recent discoveries is that a camera makes an excellent ‘collection’ tool. (Only dead bugs make it into the specimen collection …)
GCamp8Armed with nets, buckets, boots (not the shoes we had on in this shot) and LOADS of bug repellent we set off into the woods beside Fish Creek for an adventure.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe returned home with some excellent finds – which are temporary residents here at The Meadow.
GCamp7Kyla discovered that she is both gentle and brave enough to catch and hold frogs. This little leopard frog was caught in the field with her ‘butterfly’ net. We also caught another that we found in the creek. After sharing him with Gramma Ede and Lexi we let him go at Eagle Lake.
GCamp9Along with the frog came two tiny crayfish, a water beetle and some water shrimp. They are now settled in the garage under a box that has four donkey feed dishes stacked on top. Kyla wants to make sure the raccoon can’t find them while we’re sleeping.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce the excitement of sharing wore off … Kyla realized that a shower was likely a good idea … something about once you fall into a creek …? 😉 Lexi guarded the ‘aquarium’ …

Now the naturalists are off to bed … and the Grammas are soon to follow!

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