Soak, Brush … and then Roll!

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Green Pastures1This was the view out my kitchen window this morning. 😉 Seems my long eared friends were able to tell I was up and about! I was a bit lazy and slept in this morning. I KNOW these looks are saying, “You’re late … don’t you have some carrots to cut?”
Green Pastures4I can tell that it is HOT HOT HOT when the group tries to juggle the pesky bugs in the woods… with the nice cool shade in the woods …
Green Pastures5Poor Bella was so hot this evening that she was damp with sweat. I discovered that she actually likes the feeling of misting cold water coming from the hose – especially when it touches her short haired face, chest and buttocks. I picked up a curry comb in town this morning and had just given her a great brush down …
Green Pastures2… when the ‘Bigs‘ led her astray … right down for a delightful dirt bath. Ha! I’m beginning to have visions of a ‘donkey splash pad’ in the middle of the new donkey playground. 😉
Green Pastures3

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