Little Ones and Donkeys – The Perfect Fit

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Family Time 24‘Camp Walker’ arrived for a morning visit today. We were dodging rain clouds and even a rainbow or two most of the day. But as soon as that sun came out we were ready to play.
Family Time 25One great game was playing on the magical paths in the garden! 😉
Family Time 27Emma finally got to meet her new friend Bella. She has been waiting “a LONG time” to come to give her a hug …
Family Time 28… a friendly pat … and …
Family Time 21… a new hair do! 😉 She was up for some serious brushing. That is ALWAYS okay with Bella.
Family Time 29Emma soon had her all shiny and beautiful.
Family Time 22She even showed Emma how to give her a lovely chin and neck rub.
Family Time 23Rosie, of course, did not want to miss out on any of the attention. So Emma decided to give her a bow. (Yes Kevin … it has finally happened – one of our donkeys is sporting a pretty bow!) Emma opened her hairdresser kit to give Rosie’s ‘do’ the final touches.
Family Time 210Then along came another shower and we decided to check out the indoor rides.
Family Time 26Trotter has a new fan club!
Family Time 211Now the kids … the kid’s kids … and the kid’s kid’s kids are all tired and ready for an early bedtime tonight! 😉

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