Camp Walker

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Camp Walker 16Look out world – those Parliament kids are getting together again! ūüėČ Each summer my siblings try to meet up for a summer ‘experience’. We’ve taken the kids camping from when they were very tiny – and very brave – to now when they’re all grown up – to a get away. This year we’re at Eastern Cowboy. It is a ranch / cottage operation¬†in our area.
Camp Walker 13Our accommodations are in the ‘House Cottage’. It is an¬†old farmhouse that has been moved down to the lakeside. This is the kitchen – complete with gas lamps and an old cook stove. (There is a gas stove and a fridge as well.) The rest is like the good old days – loo out the back along the trail – outdoor shower house¬†– no electricity or indoor plumbing and dark DARK nights.
Camp Walker 11Cindy and I are real fans of paddling. We’ve spent as much time as possible over the past two days checking out Long Lake.
Camp Walker 17One side of the lake has many wild areas – great for quietly sliding up beside a loon or a swimming water snake.
Camp Walker 15Our home is literally up the road – so the Walker clan has also been spending some good donkey bonding time. This morning everyone showed up for breakfast. Every donkey had a human to personally deliver their carrot cereal!
Camp Walker 14Shy Paco mosied right up to Brad. I turned around and found him hugging him and scratching his ears and neck! Then when Brad was back tonight Paco searched him out. So much fun to see ‘animal people’ interact with¬†shy animals.
Camp Walker 18Speaking of animals Cindy and I walked up to the ranch house this afternoon. She got to meet Lynn and Leslie (hosts extraordinaire) as well as many of the four legged family members…
Camp Walker 19… like Lily, Tulip, Opi and Eddie. Opi and Eddie are miniature horses. And we mean MINIATURE! Cindy couldn’t help exclaiming, “How do they ‘make’ them so small!”
Camp Walker 110It has been a great day for reading, relaxing, laughing and eating delicious bbq food.
Camp Walker 12Better get a good rest tonight – as I’m sure we’ll be back at it all again tomorrow! xo

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