Day: July 18, 2014


June 181Here it comes – the heat wave of July. We’ve been ‘spoiled’ with cool fresh weather for almost two weeks now. The duvets are still on the beds – the windows have been open all day long – and the donkeys have been laying in the sunshine to warm up most mornings.
June 182I have a feeling all that is about to change! Being the well honed ‘Coolnik Hermits’ that we are around here – our habits are finely tuned to elude those sweltering daytime hours.
June 183So it’s not a big deal to be up early – inside for most of the mid-day and then out again after dinner. The world looks just as beautiful through a cool window at noon. 😉 I’ve learned that I am STILL more a fan of spring, fall and winter than summer.
June 184At the same time that we were ‘hiding’ indoors the herd was also lying low in the barns. I even noticed that Paco and Bella were hugging the shady corners of the Bully Barn. When I headed out just before dinner I hauled their feed bins under the shade tree (and alongside the deer fly trap wall – which is working wonderfully!).
June 185The flies get confused when they hit the opaque tarp and end up spending a long time in the fold at the top. While the donkeys eat I ‘hunt’ flies … We’ve noticed that the catbird is still hunting along the bottom wooden rail as well. Good system!
June 186The woods have run amok with TALL weeds and wildflowers. The donkeys only venture there at night now … once the bugs have given up. It really is great that we added the front paddock as I’m learning that the woods are more a ‘three season’ donkey habitat. And summer is not on that list…
June 187The Bully Road is still a great route to get from the back to the front – either on your own hooves – or in the ‘side-by-side’.
June 188Whichever mode of travel you take – you’ll likely be taking it fairly quickly! This is a view from the top of the hill in the woods back to the house…
June 189… and the well worn path to the back paddock.

I hope the sun lovers among you are enjoying the arrival of the summer heat – and to the ‘Coolniks’ happy indoor retreats! 😉

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