Day: July 10, 2014

Work Work

Work work8It’s been a great week for machines here at The Meadow.
Work work9One afternoon Robert was working away applying a new coat of gravel to the back paddock at the same time that Ken was raking the hay in the neighbouring field.
Work work11Look at that tasty crop!
Work work12Mostly the herd stepped off to the side … just enough to let the machines pass by.
Work work10When the action calmed down in the backyard …
Work work5… we simply moved to the front. I wondered if one of the donkeys was going to try to ‘surf’ on the drag harrow! My bets would be on Rosie! 😉
Work work6Once we’d worked most of the dips and hills out of the new gravel bed a new bale of hay arrived.
Work work1While I tackled that …
Work work2… Ede worked at adding a little more gravel to the steep hillside path.
Work work3It is amazing how heavy gravel is!
Work work4We’ve heard rumours that in some other places in the world the donkeys would actually be the ones pulling this load … but Darby just laughed at the absurdity of that idea! 😉
Work work7By lunchtime the paddock looked TREMENDOUS and we humans retreated for an afternoon snooze! Phew!