Day: July 8, 2014


Scouts1A feature of the ‘Welcome Party’ to the front paddock is a ‘hay cake’! 😉
Scouts2The herd loves to munch away and talk about all the people, cars, trucks and animals that go by on the road. A regular gaggle of gossips! The donkeys … not the neighbours. 😉
Scouts3Darby’s ears allow her to be on ‘high’ alert at all times.
Scouts4A fellow ‘Parhamite’ likes to walk her two beautiful dogs down our road.
Scouts5Rosie and Darby now watch for them and will walk them up the street …
Scouts6… and back again. They don’t huff or fuss but they do keep a very close eye on all canine company. They glance at each other every so often but keep a keen watch on the action.
Scouts8It is going to be interesting when the road construction crew arrives alongside our property. I wonder if Rosie will enjoy that type of construction as much as she does carpentry? Can’t imagine they’ll want to be alongside the road when it is so busy … but I could be very wrong.