Day: July 5, 2014

Same Place … Different Space

Do you ever find yourself looking at your surroundings – woods, fields, gardens – trying to picture them in the opposite season? I remember feeling quite COLD and TIRED this past winter after shoveling and plowing through a blizzard. To cheer myself up I searched out pictures of summer and soaked them up. Somehow it doesn’t feel the same … there isn’t the same wistfulness looking back at winter. 😉
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn fact – looking back makes me feel all that more blessed to be planted in a summer month today! 😉
Super Ty12This past winter was a tough one around here – more snow – and more cold – than an average winter.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe spring, on the other hand, has been lovely. Who knew summer really started in May?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI remember looking forward to just slipping out the door without stopping to put on layers and layers and boots and hats and two pairs of mitts …
Snowy Day Antics003… forgetting that there are just different layers for the summer. Socks, paddock shoes, hat, BUG SPRAY … 😉
MeadowSweet1Don’t get me wrong … I DO love the winter. I love the fresh smell and crunch of a new snowfall. I love the blues and whites against the blacks and greys of a winter woods.
Snowy Day Antics021I enjoy the workout of shoveling and plowing and the fresh bite of the cold air on my face.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeeing the greens of spring erupt all over our place seems like magic every single time.
Bliss001So I’m putting Spring and Summer under the first rule of happiness.
Walk1If you like something – enjoy it.