Leavin’ … on a jet plane …


Leaving on a Jet Plane3The day dawned bright and early and my good paddock buddy was right there in the kitchen with me chopping up carrots for the girls and Paco.
Leaving on a Jet Plane4It wasn’t until we were almost done that Auntie Ede commented that she was actually supposed to be keeping Tyrek away from sharp knives … ooops! And there was the slip! 😉 We figured a Dora bandage would do the trick. We headed out for our last morning of chores together. Tyrek has all the jobs down pat now! Hmmm… maybe he’ll have to start looking for a donkey farm in BC?
Leaving on a Jet Plane5We decided that since we had our Bully Chauffeur for one more morning we should do some chores that required more than one trip over the hill. Tyrek scooped out both of the barns and put down a fresh layer of wood chips.
Leaving on a Jet Plane6I think if he could have found a way to pack this machine it would be flying across the country with him at this very moment!
Leaving on a Jet Plane7He has the two wheeled landing in the compost bin down to an art …
Leaving on a Jet Plane8… not all that easy to just pop the back two wheels onto the ledge!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe ALL became awfully fond of our guest this week! I know he’ll miss the animals and the chores … We heard from Lexi’s dad that she’s having to adjust to life without Tyrek.  Apparently Teresa Drive was resounding with cries of “But I want my big brother!” for most of yesterday.
Leaving on a Jet Plane11It was wonderful getting to know you again as a young man Tyrek! Thank you for all of your help this week. Love you LOTS!!
Leaving on a Jet Plane9I have to admit that I took a big gulp when he was hustled down the hallway to his flight by an attendant. As I  stayed and watched his plane take off … I thought of the many different conversations we had this week. Like when he explained to me that the Island is not really about cottaging, and swimming, and water skiing … it’s about family. And the story about Peter’s bright red coat that was brown by the time his grandma got it … And his fondness for Uncle Tom (‘he’s the one who plays the harmonica … he even bought me one and taught me how to play it’). His great memory of going to Wonderland with his Pawliw-Fry cousins after he’s spent twelve hours flying across the country. The killer Fryathalon canoe team he is on and the nail hammering trophy he won. And those are just the stories about the Island. There were many more about life in Vancouver, his love of sailing, his admiration for his Uncle Tom (Jr.) in Hong Kong, his hopes for his future (wife included) and his love for his grandparents and his gratitude for ‘being brought up right’. What a gift this was to get to know one of the ‘third generation’ young men heading out into the world … and to know how incredibly proud Archie and Mary must be. Good on you Grandma Sue! You’re raising a gem!

5 comments on “Leavin’ … on a jet plane …”

  1. Wonderful story…he really is a great young man..So glad to have been part of his “week”..

  2. Wendy and Ede,…..we are both sitting here crying right now. Your words have certainly captured the essence of this young man. Thank you both for your generosity of spirit in allowing him to be part of your lives.

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  3. Think of all the great memories that he carries back home. You gave him a special week. Love Kate

  4. I loved this post, Wen. Beth and I spent only 15 minutes in Tyrek’s company, but we were both struck by what a personable, considerate person he is. What a win-win visit for everyone concerned … especially Lexi!

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