Day: June 23, 2014

Super Ty

Super Ty5Our very own ‘Superman’ has been busy today! Here he is loading up as much manure as he can find …
Super Ty6… because manure means you have to drive it away to the compost bin to keep the flies down.
Super Ty7He has the whole process down and now independently scoops, drives and dumps it all in the compost bin way far away on the other side of the woods. It is always more fun to drive the Bully when you have a little space to yourself. šŸ˜‰
Super Ty4The donkeys love to see him and will come to check in. Today when Rosie saw Tyrek come out of the garage she started to bray – wanting him to come to her immediately! She wanted to let himĀ know that her water dish was looking a little low.
Super Ty8Once the paddock was looking spiffy Ede had a construction job she wanted some help with. (Seems a Fry’s first rule of happinessĀ is to always haveĀ something to build.)
Super Ty2Tyrek is all for building projects too. He isĀ alsoĀ developing a keen appreciation for bug spray! He has one bottle that he keeps in his pocket – andĀ assumes the position the minute he sees either of us with a fresh dose.
Super Ty3The plan is to build a bench (out of composite wood – unchewable by the herd) out on the little hilltop beside the front paddock. However … first the weeds that have grown chest high up there need to be whacked!
Super Ty1Our handy man was quick to the rescue with the gas weed whacker.
Super Ty11Then the builders found the perfect location to sink the supports for the bench by first experimenting with a hammered in stake.
Super Ty9You can see the beginnings of the new footing for the front paddock. There is a good three feet deep layer of dirt and slate being laid before the gravel is spread on top. I think about half of that job is done. We have rain and road construction in this week’s forecast so we’ll have to be patient waiting for work to begin again.
Super Ty10
Super Ty21As I was writing tonight’s post Tyrek came by to say he’d love to have another go round with the weeds. So he got outfitted with the super duper ear and face protection.
Super Ty22Now we’re all inside – hiding from the evening mosquito invasion – gearing up for tonight”s round of Beatles Rock Band. All is quiet in the paddock – the donkeys are resting up in the barns. They’re also waiting out the mosquito hour before they head out to gambol in the woods.
Super Ty12Have a great night all!
Love from The Meadow Mice