Day: June 22, 2014

I Love This Place!

Tyrek Day 21Meet my great nephew – Tyrek – and I mean GREAT! He’s here to help out this week. It means we can indulge in many of my favourite activities – like head over to Eastern Cowboy Ranch for the afternoon.
Tyrek Day 22We went out to explore their one thousand acres for just over an hour. He did great, especially for his first time on horseback. And I think he may be able to walk straight again by tomorrow morning. 😉
Tyrek Day 23Whereas my horse, Jinks, liked to stay as far back from the pack as possible … Tyrek’s horse, Leroy, liked to jostle for second place with the one in front of him. That meant for some great bouncing and slip sliding around! He and I got giggling pretty hard at one point as we were both bouncing around like rubber balls in a saddle. 😉
Tyrek Day 24When we got back to The Meadow we headed out to check on our herd. Tyrek’s favourite Meadow ‘critter’ so far is the Bully. He has so kindly offered to drive it for me as often as I need it – and even more often. For example, whenever there is any manure left in the box he’ll quickly take off through the woods and manoeuvre it into the compost bin. Est voila! No poop – no flies!
Tyrek Day 25So much fun to have a young man around to help out!
Tyrek Day 26He’s got the paddock turns down pat …
Tyrek Day 27… and has a great happy disposition that is going to be such a treat! After we finished our chores he exclaimed, “I love this place!” Thank you Grandma Sue for loaning us such a great assistant!