Day: June 18, 2014

Kindred Spirits

It seems that an off kilter day yesterday made for a magical one today. The Meadow played host to some of our favourite kindred spirits.
Kindred Spirits4Wednesday mornings are ‘Jeff Visits’. Jeff (as you’ve likely heard a number of times now) is our farrier and donkey whisperer. I have learned a lot by having time to watch him and ask him lists of questions. Today we took Rosie for a bit of a walk and then he worked on her hooves.
Kindred Spirits5She sure had clean feet by the time we were done! ūüėČ
Kindred Spirits6Darby kept a very close eye on the proceedings – making sure her friend was safe.
Kindred Spirits3Then we hosted Elsie and Al (from the Green Donkey Tea Room)¬†for lunch and a good long donkey visit. I met them back in April¬†when I realized I was in their area and stopped to knock on their door and tell them I had ‘met them’ on a local blog. We spent a good hour that day talking and visiting with their donkeys. Elsie is a real donkey fan and kindred spirit. We got to test out the new bench – and the feeding seating (raised up between them). It worked perfectly! A good dry run before Lexi comes to visit next week.
Kindred Spirits2I was so excited to see them pull up. Of course we went directly to the paddock to meet everyone. She had brought carrot sticks to share and the three of us went for a walk up into the woods so I could give them a tour of the donkey’s territory.
Kindred Spirits1We had a great lunch and then headed back out for some paddock time. I could talk to Elsie ALL DAY! Both Ede and Al did a great job of being patient with us while we shared and shared and shared our donkey stories. I’ll definitely be heading their way again sometime in July.

I know it is obvious how much I’ve enjoyed becoming a ‘donkey person’ … I’ve also enjoyed getting to know more ‘donkey people’. There were the Cronks of Eastern Cowboy with their amazing menagerie. Then there were the Gallaghers of Ass Back Wood Acres – and the amazing Kevin Gallagher who inspired me. Next came the Gibsons of Pembroke¬†from whom we adopted Darby and Rosie. We still keep in touch via emails, swapping pictures and stories. After that along came Bella from the Feavers farm in western Ontario. And now – Elsie from Black River. I have learned that just like donkeys – their families are gentle and friendly people!