Day: June 17, 2014


Blahglablarglablurg … never heard of that word before … but apparently it perfectly fits the day I’ve had. It means ‘off kilter’ – ‘woke up stupid’ – ‘out to lunch’ – ‘strange day’. Nothing really bad happened. We just seemed to always be one step out of synch which meant three different runs up and down the highway. We usually like to plan our ‘must goes’ to the city … but today we were in and out as needed be … three trips in one day. One – car needed work. Two – fair books needed picking up. Three – Teddy needed an emergency trip to the vet (all is well).
Snoozin1Hey! Where have you been all day mom?
Snoozin2Teddy was just as happy to get home as I was tonight! I was glad to bring him home with some meds and a promise to keep a close eye on him tonight and over the next few days. So we’ll call this a day – and start a fresh one tomorrow.