When we received six bales of hay for the summer season we did realize there was one thing unaccounted for … How to get the five bales left (after the farmer left) to the hay barn one at a time – using only ‘Gramma Power’. (Email viewers need to click on the title of this post to get the video effect!) 😉
June 16 HelpersWe did discuss that that activity fell under ‘will not be doing when we’re 80 …’ so … Rosie assured me she’ll figure out how to move hay as good as this on her own!

7 comments on “Rollin’”

  1. This is a very funny video. We thought of the Marx Brothers for some reason. Glad that you made it! Love Kate

  2. The movie was a REAL LOL!!!! Agree with Kate, except for the color, it was a 1930 rendition of”life on the Farm” The donkeys really looked like they were wanting so desperately to help but were not sure how. Would love to see another pic like “The Meadow Herd” with each of their names attached. I am trying to memorize which is which but still having a hard time because it depends on which angle you see them. Thanks for the entertainment.

    1. Hi Barb. YOUR comment has me laughing! Check out the donkey names at the top of the blog. I’ve put a bio of each of them there. That will help you with the names. Another tip: Bella (tiny black/brown wooly), Rosie (brown mini deep brown eyes), Darby (spotted), Paco (rough chiseled ‘man’ look). 😉

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