Day: June 13, 2014

Happy Honey Moon

HoneyMoonFriday the 13th … we’ve had a few ‘interesting’ Friday the 13th’s in our family history. This one though – so far! – has been smooth sailing. You could call it a ‘Honey Moon’… No really – it is … a Honey Moon. That’s what you call it when Friday the 13th coincides with a full moon. That won’t happen again until 2049. That not for another 35 years!
June 131I’m not sure this ‘mother’ knows that there is almost a full moon again tonight. A full moon is a friend to raccoons and foxes … both of which seek out and gobble up turtle eggs. I’ve noticed over the years that our snappers are weather forecasters of a sort. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re laying in May or June. They seem to be out in large numbers when we’re about to head into a really hot and humid spell.
June 132As I got out of my car to snap these shots I had to chuckle. One of my favourite ‘net stops’ each day is 7MSN Ranch. Her blog features encounters with pronghorns, rattlesnakes, and wandering cattle… Here – in the ‘marshlands’ our encounters are with … snapping turtles! 😉
June 133There is a lot of ‘prehistoric’ influence in her appearance … isn’t there.
June 135Back at home I settled into our afternoon routine. While the jennies are busy eating I take the time to do some brushing to help with their shedding coats. Then I sneak in a hoof cleaning all the way around.
June 134Although Darby’s ears are back … and her back hoof is wondering if it could help with my job … she is pretty good about letting me check her over.
June 136I’m always more cautious with their back feet. I know it is more of a bother to them when I’m picking away ‘back there’ … Darby and Bella also enjoy a good spray of repellent to help with the pesky mosquitoes.
June 139Bella is getting better at being patient while I clean her tiny hooves.
June 138I’m getting quicker too … so she doesn’t have to wait so long.
June 1310Rosie is a real pro. She loves the brushing and is in such a ‘trance’ by the time I even reach for her hoof she just picks it up for me.
June 1311I’m thanking my donkey whisperer friend, Farrier Jeff Atkinson, each time I do this for the time and patience he gave to helping me master this process. It feels better to know that I can do this for our herd on a regular basis.
June 1312And they always love the extra time and attention that our afternoon spa sessions require!