June Showers Bring …

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Pouring Rain… lots of indoor hours. The fields are happy – the trees are happy – the gardens are happy – the frogs are happy – and I’d even hazard to say the birds are enjoying a good solid bath … I know my friends in school are not so happy. This is a busy week for track meets around here. I’m hoping that the big one scheduled for today has a rain date instead. We’ve had a bucket load of rain today. I’ve moved all the food bins into the barns and the herd have been having a restful day away from the bugs, snuggled into fresh wood chips while they munched away. My donkey whisperer mentor ‘Jeff the Super Farrier’ came by for our morning session. I know I’m almost sounding ‘ho hum’ about this but … we did Paco’s back hooves today. No fuss. How great is that! And … since the day two weeks ago that ‘we’ did his front hooves I have been cleaning them with a hoof pick once in a while – again – with little fuss. Hurray! Thank you again to Clicker Training methods! He and I now speak the same language.
Rainy Day2Although I’ve got shovels and landscape fabric and my trusty trowel still out ready to go to work in the front yard I’ve spent most of today doing computer work and making contacts for the fair. My window view helps to assuage my drive to be outside.
Rainy Day1And Teddy and Rufus would like it to be known that they are my inside support team. You can see that Ru has claimed his own chair – which has to be rolled beside mine (even if ‘mine’ is sitting at a meeting table of the fair board!). Teddy is ‘Ever Ready Teddy’. If I so much as twitch he is ready to follow … or more likely… race me to which ever room I’m headed. They love that it is a rainy day. I think we’re due for at least two more of these this week. Hope you stay above high water in your neck of the woods!









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