Walk a Bit

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Walk1It was a lovely night for a walk around our neck of the woods. Our village is very small – well – even tiny. However, we have a very active Recreation Committee that has done amazing things for our community. I walked around the fairgrounds which now also include a huge ball diamond with a snack bar, picnic tables, lights and stands; a batting cage with a pitching machine; a sand volleyball court; two show rings; a track; a display barn; a poultry barn; a covered grandstand and a fire hall right next door. And all of that – is right next door to us!  There were people out walking the track and people playing ball in the short time I was there. We’re very lucky here.
Walk2When I headed out I got to see our yard from the road view. Amazing how little I see that angle now that I’m a dedicated hermit! 😉 The poppies burst their buds today.
Walk3On the way back I came through our woods. There was a breeze this morning so the donkeys spent some time grazing the green up there … In fact, when we went out first thing this morning we noticed that one of the ‘poop sleds’ was missing. As we fed everyone, did Paco’s training, scooped the poops, brushed coats and checked hooves we still didn’t notice it. I found it later about fifty metres down the back trail. That is a long way for Darby to have dragged it – over rocks – around trees – along a skinny path … and we do know that it would be Darby who would do that! 😉
Walk4Some of our oak and hickory trees are real giants. I love just stopping to watch what is flitting and scurrying around in those branches. When I finally brought my gaze back to earth …
Walk5… I realized the ‘guard donkey’ had me in her sights. Hope you get some fresh air tonight too!

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