If you want the rainbow …


Showers7… you have to put up with the rain! Every now and again it actually ‘drops’ rain onto our yard. Mostly it has just been a steady mist. We’re ‘in’ the rain cloud today.
Showers6Some of us don’t mind it all that much.
Showers8While others … well … let’s just say Rosie gives Eyore a run for his money on rainy days. I think she gets feeling all the more Eyorish when she watches her buddies just keep munching away. Poor Rosie’s ears and eyebrows give away exactly what she is feeling all the time. Is it possible for a donkey to wear her heart on her shirtsleeves?
Showers3Rosie: “Hey Paco – nice twisty girly curl ya got goin’ there … we should call you Alfalfa!” Sometimes her ‘heart’ can get a bit crusty when she is grumpy.
Showers5Paco: “Mom … she’s hurting my feelings again …” Although – maybe it’s Paco who is more Eyorish today. The poor guy just sighs when he has to play second fiddle to the jennies.
Showers1Rosie:”Watch out Bella … something is growing out of your bang curls …”
Showers4Rosie:”Oh.. holy smokes Bella … they’re ears!”
Bella EatingBella:”What was that Rosie? I’m busy eating this delicious hay … Sure you don’t want to come out here and have a snack with me? It’s even better with a sprinkling of rain drops.”
Showers2Darby:”I’m just going to sit over here away from all that noise!”

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