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MeadowSweet1It is amazing what you discover when you look more closely at your own ‘backyard’. Each morning Ede and I have been moseying up over the hill to pick up any ‘meadow muffins’ left there overnight. One year ago … the Bully Road wasn’t even there. Now it is one of our favourite routes to wander.
MeadowSweet4Last month we noticed these plants were prolifically spread throughout the woods.
MeadowSweet2In the past week they’ve bloomed into pretty white flowers. It took me a while to search out information about them. At first I thought they might be narrow leaved white meadowsweet (spirea alba). But then … I think I’ve decided they’re false solomon’s seal…. the mystery continues.  Hopefully our wildflower expert (aka ‘Sister Kate’) will weigh in on our comments section. Our little woods has proven to be a veritable garden in its own right. So far we’re also familiar with whole patches of columbine, trillium, tiger lilies, buttercups, dog toothed violets, strawberry, forget-me-not, star flowers, jack-in-the-pulpits, wild phlox, cow vetch, joe-pye-weed, fiddleheads, and orange hawkweed. Phew! That is a long list!
MeadowSweet3We’d better keep those morning walks in our daily routine. Lots to learn!

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