Top It Up


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was empathizing with ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ this morning … We rationed out the end of our last bale of hay knowing that a delivery was expected this morning. So once I filled the hay bins I let the jennies into the hay barn to munch up the grain. Always a favourite treat. Then I anxiously awaited the ‘hay man’.
May 3121Sure enough – before noon – a very long trailer loaded with fresh barn stored hay threaded its way down the lane.
May 3123Thank you Brad! Not only does he stock some great looking hay … he can maneuvre his truck and trailer into some very tight spots.
May 3122Now instead of bare cupboards we have enough hay to last us through the summer. I find it ironic that this time of year is often the hardest to find good hay. In many cases farmers are finishing up the ‘dregs’ of last year’s crop. And our donkeys are just not good on fresh green grass – it makes them sick. So the poor things look out at all that food growing around them – and munch on dried out year old cuttings instead. Not this summer! We’re flush! 😉
May 3125I work with Brad on our local fair board. He is a young guy who has done a tremendous job of building his own barn, harvesting his own hay, and raising cattle and draft horses. He had some extra bales – kept in that beautiful dry new barn!
May 3126We rolled them off that back of his trailer and then lined them up to be covered here for a few months. I’m thinking we’re good into August.
May 3128Last I looked the herd was happily munching away on their new hay and I’ve come in to get out of the noon hour sun.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave a great Sunday everyone!

4 comments on “Top It Up”

  1. I am having a terrible time with this….no hay and everyone is getting too fat on grass. Your crew look great. Are you feeding the hay free choice or do you limit it?

    1. Hay there! 😉 I limit our donkeys to two feedings a day – one first thing in the morning – the other around dinner time. I use hay bags secured into large tub feeders and open at the top (four of them).They then nibble at them throughout the day. During the winter months of January and February we do put a free choice bale in the front field (as well as their hay bags in the north paddock). That way when they are soaking in the sunshine there they also have food to help keep them warm.

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