In the May Morning Dew

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May 311

May 312

Good morning! Another sunny and breezy (take that mosquitoes!) day here. Ede captured these shots this morning. I don’t usually get to see the forlorn look on Paco’s face when the jennies get first dibs at the carrot bowls. 8)
May 314May 313

However … all is well when he finally gets me all to himself and gets his carrots hand fed. That way we get to have some good talks first thing each day!
May 3121Meanwhile – Ede headed out to the woods to be on the lookout for last night’s donkey patties.
May 3122Our winter sleds work just great to haul manure along the pathways …
May 3128… and to deliver the goods to the compost bin. The jury is still out but I think having the closed in compost has made a difference to the number of biting flies here so far. It’s not the most ‘attractive’ sight … I do harbour thoughts of spray painting it all … but then I wisely find something else to think about!
May 31211We have electronic bug zappers both in the front yard and in the paddock. We have both noticed a great strategy that Paco uses …
May 31210… when he is being bothered by a fly he nonchalantly walks over to the zapper – stretches his neck and head up tall – and then waits for it to get captured and ZAPPED! I swear he smiles, shakes his coat and then walks back to his favourite sun spot.
May 3127The fans are working great in the barns – and we’re expecting two KONK bug repellent sprayers to arrive at our local farm feed store this week. They automatically ‘squirt’ a dose of repellent every few minutes into the air. The black flies seem to have disappeared and the mosquitoes are … dare I even write this … not as bad as some other years.
May 3126The May burst of flowers and leaves is in full swing. Our white lilac smells great.
May 3123The sunshine and breezes filter through the woods more easily now.
May 3124Although the mature trees have a great canopy …
May 3125… the herd is doing a good job of munching on all of the saplings and bushes. It is so lovely out there. I have to admit that I am a fan of this cooler spring weather. I’m not much good in heat or humidity. It looks like a quiet day around here.

When summer is coming
When summer is near
With the trees oh so green
And the sky bright and clear
And the wee birds all singing
Their loved ones to woo
And young flowers all springing
In the may morning dew
The Chieftains – The May Morning Dew

Take care everybody!

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