Sounds of Family

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I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I come from a great BIG family. My dad was one of nine kids. His youngest sister is just five years older than me. Lucky her … 😉 She got to have me tag along with her for many of her teenage summers. Just what every teenager wants … a ‘little sister’ to take on dates to the drive-in … to babysit for endless days in July and August. 😉
Photo bomberSo when I heard that her daughter was having a surprise birthday party!! I knew I would be driving that highway to be there. What a great time being around everyone today. (Gotta love a ‘selfie’ taken with a big 35 mm camera at arm’s length!)
peterBoth my mom and my dad have been gone now for a number of years. Being around Dad’s brothers warms my heart. I can see his expressions and hear his laughter in their antics. Above is my Uncle Peter (Hi Peter! Yes – here you are on the blog post!). YEARS ago when I was still in university I looked up during a soccer game to see ‘my Uncle Peter’ at the end of the field … Strange …  I couldn’t figure out what he was doing there? Only took the first half of the game for me to realize it was my DAD! 😉 They looked so much alike.
karl and janetWe had a great roast beef dinner courtesy of Clayton’s family (he’s also known as ‘Uncle Boo by the younger group). Their home has a large gazebo perfect for visiting. There were four generations of Parliaments – some meeting for the first time ever – some seeing each other for the first time in years. A number of young ones performing cheerleading routines – and then really tiny ones blowing bubbles and chasing puppies. At one point the practicing cheerleaders admonished Peter, ‘Hey – the guy with the moustache – stop looking!’ Of course, that was like clicking the ‘on’ button to a great dose of Great Uncle teasing. The prize phrase of the evening had to be, “Uncle Peter – go back to the museum!” – which we think was kid talk for ‘gazebo’ … or a very wise crack!
margSo THANK YOU to Tammy for organizing such a fun get together – and to Mary – for being my ‘big sister’ for 55 years now … I won’t tell you what birthday we celebrated today … just that she was five when she first took me under her wing! 😉
Mary and IBeing the oldest in my set of siblings … how great is that … I still got to have a big sister! Happy Birthday Mary! xo

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