Girl Power

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May 18 1We’re having a great ‘girls’ weekend’ here at the Meadow. Kate is home for the weekend and this morning chipped in to help with the chores. Even without her contribution to cutting the lawn it is a lot of fun to have her home! 😉
May 18 2She and Ede had the lawn under control and I tackled a garden that has grown more grass than flowers for the last year or so … Notice the ‘bug coat’ attire? For those of you who somehow live where there are not black fly and mosquito infestations each year here’s how they work. They have mesh sides and an attached hoody with a mesh face mask that you can zip up to totally lock yourself away from the biters. When Kate and the boys were young enough to be playing ball here you’d find entire rows in the stands wearing these lovely jackets. It was a great chuckle for the girls when they were teenagers … to see their ‘oh so fashionable moms’ all decked out in bug wear. And even better was the constant questions from the parents of the other teams asking where they could get them ASAP. Parham may not be famous for many things … but one thing we are famous infamous for is our bugs! I’m sure teams from ‘away’ groan when they see our ball diamond on their schedule.
May 18 3The tulips and spring blooms are putting on quite a show today. It is a good thing there are bright colours out there that we can see when we retreat inside to peer out the windows.
May 18 4The greens get richer and deeper every day – even from morning to afternoon.
May 18 5Sure do love spring!

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