Darling Darby

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Home Fun013Darby will be two years old this summer. She is the first donkey I’ve ‘raised’ from little.
Home Fun015For a while there this winter I wondered just what type of ‘bully’ she was going to grow up to be … but it seems those ‘teen angst’ months have passed us. She is kind and careful with Bella and is buddies with Rosie. She is big enough to groom with Paco – which has been great – as he didn’t seem to know what was up with that. She has settled in to be such a gentle, social soul that loves to greet me each day when I get out to the paddock.
Home Fun020Her beautiful open face and inquisitive eyes truly do belie her true nature. She loves it if I head out into the woods as she likes to come along to explore.
Home Fun022It warms my heart to see her and Bella play … they run … buck … and sometimes even sneak up to scare each other! So funny to see our tallest and our smallest rumble. 😉
May 151Darby has grown into such a lithe graceful thing too. Last summer I started to worry that she wan’t putting enough weight on … But over this winter she has filled out and is strong.
May 152A real beauty – inside and out!

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