Bravery Paco Style

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Home Fun014Seems we have reached a true balance with Paco this month. Last week at this time he managed to have his hooves done with no fuss – no meds – no coercion. Today – his shots! One factor that has been a GREAT help has been Jeff Atkinson – our local horse whisperer and farrier. And I truly mean that one of his official titles is horse whisperer. Now he can add donkey whisperer to that list!
Rainy Day 25Jeff has been working with us (me and the donkeys) each Wednesday for just over a month. I’m learning lots! Today we focused on how to clean out Rosie’s hooves. He is so confident when working with each of them that they are very relaxed. And then I can move in to the routine as I learn more about their anatomy and become braver myself about really getting in there and doing a thorough scraping of the mud and hay that gets caked in their feet.

Our vet came by to give the group their shots and having Jeff and I there meant that Paco was easily distracted. We got his three shots done first and then let him saunter off. He was back before the girls were done and hung out with us soaking up scratches and friendly voices before our vet even left. Hurray!

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