Beauty and Biters!

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May – a month that I’ve only twice experienced on ‘holidays’. There are so many amazing things about May …

… and THEN there are BLACK FLIES!! They are definitely a hazard at this time of year! I can usually ignore them if I have a good dose of bug repellent. Even if they spend the whole day buzzing around my ears – I can tune them out. What I am finding MOST difficult to ignore is the affect they have on the donkeys. Darby and Bella are keen on bug spray. They like it worked into the fur on their necks, legs and ears. Paco and Rosie don’t want to have anything to do with that smelly concoction!

So this afternoon I found myself moving their feeding tubs over to the bug zapper … After watching I felt – nope – that wasn’t making enough of a difference. So THEN I actually fetched two of our house fans and set them up facing the bins. I’m sure the herd thought I was crazy! But even that, I have to admit, did not make the difference I had hoped for. After dinner I went back and returned the bins to where they like them best – mid-paddock… It seems that running for cover in the barns – where fans DO make a difference – is going to be our first line of defence for now. Although – I am harbouring dreams of getting my hands on a herd of drones which I can program to hover over each donkey – complete with bug repellent showers on a regular basis … Think there is a business in that? 😉

1 comments on “Beauty and Biters!”

  1. I have been following and enjoying your blog for a few months now. I really admire all that you do for your animals and how much joy they bring you. I have read that apple cider vinegar in their feed can help make the animals “unsavory” to the flies. Being attacked by flies sounds horrible! Good luck.

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