Donkey Woods


Home Fun012This is one of the best months of the year for hanging out in our ‘Donkey Woods’.
Home Fun005The leaves are just coming out again … so the breezes can waft away the little clouds of ‘biters’ that have already hatched. I’ve learned over these two years that pictures of donkeys grazing in fields of long waving grasses … are fiction?  They sure would be for our guys.
Home Fun003We need to limit their access to fresh grasses – especially poor Darby. It can cause some major digestive system and hoof problems. Gone are the days when I would dream of having access to the large hay field behind our paddock. Being out there would do them in! The hillside is covered in lilies, violets, periwinkle, trillium and columbine patches. Our super intelligent herd doesn’t touch any of those! They just munch on grass patches.
Home Fun007My next video goal is to catch them playing tag up there. I know you’ve seen the clip of Bella (and a bit of Darby) running. Almost every night all four of our donkeys play a funny game of ‘Bite the Tail of a Donkey’ by chasing each other along every trail and through the woods. They run until they are totally out of breath. Last night I was leaning on a big oak tree in the middle of it all – laughing and totally enchanted.
Home Fun010It sure has been rewarding to work on their habitat. They have lots of room to run – great areas to soak up sunshine – barns to get out of the weather – water and lots to eat. Donkey bliss!

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