Hop, Skip and a Jump for Donkey Day


Good morning! If you get this post via email you need to click on the picture below to be directed to my blog. Check out Bella running like the wind and goading her friends to play along.

Today is International Day of the Donkey!  Thank you to James and Brett (via Elise) for the tip! I think it is very fitting that such an amazing animal has a day on the calendar. I  can vouch for how much I’ve learned since becoming part of a family of donkeys!

Paco Farrier1One of the biggest steps EVER taken at the Meadow happened yesterday morning. Paco successfully had his hooves trimmed without any medication – without any coercion – and without any trauma. Hurray! He and I have been working for months (… you could say for more than a year) on getting to this point. A big thanks goes out to Jeff Atkinson, our local donkey whisperer and farrier – for spending the extra time to befriend Paco (and me!). I was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day AND when I woke up this morning – reliving the experience of standing there with him and Jeff – stroking his neck and telling him how proud we were that he was managing this ‘au naturel’.

I salute ‘the’ donkey! One of the most amazing creatures I’ve had the pleasure of being ‘related’ to!

9 comments on “Hop, Skip and a Jump for Donkey Day”

  1. Congratulations Paco and good work Wendy! When I watch this all I can think of is the donkey off of SHREK! lol
    Accomplishments are a great part of life aren’t they!!

  2. They certainly are! I have to admit to a good dose of relief … I didn’t realize that I wasn’t sure that I could actually ‘teach’ Paco the steps needed to get here. Although … he did teach me just as much. Hmmm… very much the same thing in a classroom of kids!

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