Bush Whacked – That Would Be Me …


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid WE knock a big job off our list today! With the help of Handyman Kevin Grantham we were able to ship off FIVE (5) full half ton truck loads of wood and building materials that have haunted the ‘donkey woods’ for a long time… (If you need someone to help with junk clean up and disposal, minor building repairs, yard maintenance, snow removal, tree cutting … I’d highly recommend Kevin! You can find him in the Sharbot Lake phone book.)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKevin dropped by around noon today to take a look at what we wanted done. We were thinking he’d check it out and then give us a possible date if he was interested in helping with the hauling … Turned out he had brought his lunch and was available TODAY!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I (and my support crew) worked hauling everything to and over the fence. Kevin then loaded it into his truck and did the runs to the dump brush pile. I was feeling a little like ‘Super Woman’ as I gleefully tossed the piles I have been grumbling about over and out!

At one point when Kevin was off with a load … I stopped moving because I could hear a squirrel complaining in very close proximity to the pile I was working on.  A little earlier I had seen an adult black squirrel make a run for the large oak. This one sounded much smaller… I had noticed a couple of places where the brush piles had obviously been some critter’s home over the winter. (I was extra cautious with one big pile … thinking it could be one big animal’s home sweet home.) Sure enough – there – pushing through a pile of leaves was a baby squirrel. He managed to make his way across the path and pulled himself up a hickory tree. I would guess he hadn’t climbed many trees yet … Not fifteen minutes later Kevin and I heard a real squeal coming again from a pile of brush at my feet. This time I gently peeled back some leaves and grasses to find an even smaller one. I picked it up in my gloves and took it over to scoot it up the same tree the other one was still eyeing us from. The two of them stayed there while we finished up our jobs. I’m pretty sure their mom will come across from the big oak and pick them up while I’m inside.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow … five truck loads later … I was feeling considerably less like Super Woman and more like Mrs. Gumby! Good thing that fence post needed me to lean on it. 😉
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt sure was worth the effort! The back fence line now looks MUCH clearer. It will easily be a good runway for our games of tag in the woods.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                            “Come on Darby! I’ll race you!”
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really should have taken a ‘before’ shot … but “I” know what a huge difference today made! Hurray for sunny days spent ENTIRELY outside!

2 comments on “Bush Whacked – That Would Be Me …”

  1. Such a feeling of accomplishment on such a beautiful day!!!! I’m sure the clan enjoyed the entertainment and the company for the day.

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