And He Showed Us a Story

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Storyteller1Last night we had the delightful experience of taking in a Brasswerks Concert featuring our very own – Mr. RickyRick is the patriarch of the magic that is our Cairns – Dugan – Parliament family. And is a very large part of creating that magic.
Storyteller2As I enjoyed last night’s music and chuckled along with the audience at Rick’s MC antics I found myself thinking about how much this amazing man brings stories to our lives. Mr. Ricky not only brings his love, loyalty and kindness to our family – he takes us all along with him on journeys that share incredible stories through the arts. No matter the venue … we leave with new ideas and characters to ponder.
Storyteller6He is an active member of many vocal groups – plays so many instruments I will not even try to list them – plays piano at our family gatherings – and sings a wicked line for Beatles Rock Band games … He is not just a ‘good’ musician – he is a recognized talent in the arts community here in the Kingston area.
Storyteller3He is a talented actor … in all genres … but I have to admit that I love him best in comedic roles. Then we see the twinkle in his eyes that we all know from home. How great it was to sit in the audience of ‘A Christmas Story’ with our granddaughter and watch her first wonder and awe at her grandfather’s presence on the stage … and then lose track of him to fall right into the story.
Storyteller5He has recently returned to exploring an early fascination with photography. And oh, how the storyteller weaves his magic in this art is truly breathtaking. His photos are beginning to pop up in Kingston online galleries and Ontario news publications and websites.
Storyteller9His photos capture my imagination and I find myself pouring over them the way I would a great book.
Storyteller8This is a photo he entitled ‘My Father’s Violin’. It is especially when I see Rick with our granddaughters that I feel so blessed … I know he has many fond memories of the time he spent with his father as a young boy – times that he recognizes formed his talents and interests. When I see him playing piano with the girls … letting them try to coax sounds out of his gigantic brass instruments … reading them stories while taking on the roles of the characters in his voice and mannerisms … I see the magic that he is passing on in his turn. So much they will take forward into their lives from their Grandpa.
Storyteller7We are blessed to have this extraordinary man at the centre of our family.

Love you Mr. Ricky!

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