The Lookout


Rainy Day 22As we begin our days around here the cats and the birds get the first shift of meal deliveries … Then we get to settle in for breakfast. The donkeys have come to realize that they can keep a closer eye on our progress if they are in the woods next to the kitchen window …
Rainy Day 23Paco keeps his eyes on us – and his ears on where the jennies are. (He doesn’t have to search Bella out … she’s always right behind him. 😉
Rainy Day 24Darby has the fixed stare down pat. I swear I can feel her ‘looking at  me’ even when I’m in another room! On a rainy day like this one she should have been in one of the barns. But no – she wanted to see what the hold up was.
Rainy Day 21Another favourite spot of hers is on the top of the hillside. She can see directly into the kitchen from this height and will snooze and keep her ears focused on the window. I think she can hear when I’m chopping carrots! Can you spot Rosie there on the hillside with her?
Rainy Day 25I have to admit – the ‘Lookout Crew’ is able to make me eat my breakfast more quickly!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe jennies get their carrots delivered in large bowls to the far side of the paddock. Paco, however, has to work for his … I’ve discovered that his front legs are not as strong as they should be to hold his weight … one at a time… So we’re doing some morning workouts.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn these shots from yesterday I was easily able to encourage him to lift his hoof using the rope. I twist it so his hoof won’t slip out. He wasn’t lifting all that high … just getting the idea of what I was asking. Then this morning he managed to lift each of his front hooves right up to his belly level. When I held it at that level his other front leg would really wobble. I think we’ll be doing these workouts for a little while. We also now have ‘Jeff’ to work with so I’m once again visioning a meds free hoof trimming for Paco in our future.

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