April Showers

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Rainy Day 12Good evening! The day started out just beautifully sunny and mild around here … But by the end of the afternoon the storms flew up from the south west to give us a real soaking. Ede put out a rain barrel this morning under one of the eave spouts … it is full already!
Rainy Day 11Before that rolled in though we had a great morning to get a lot off our lists. Rosie was feeling a little ‘put out’ this morning … She gets cranky every few weeks. I sometimes feel that I should just take out a warm water bottle to help heat her cramps away. As I’m sure that’s what it is! 😉
Rainy Day 13It has been windy enough over the past few days that the lower field dried out some. That meant we risked driving the Bully out there to use as a ‘tower’ from which to drive in some fence posts. We’re starting to move things around a little in preparation for a meeting we have with a contractor on Thursday night. (By the way … Thursday … is May!)
Rainy Day 14This evening things are looking a lot wetter out there. Even the Grackles are feeling drowned. This is only day one of what looks like a good week long soaking…
Rainy Day 15Teddy likes this weather just fine. It means I’m hanging out more in the study this evening. I’ve been collating pictures I collected of my former students from when they were in kindergarten all the way through to grade seven. I’m sending them off to the school so they could use them for their graduation plans. Almost that time of year! Phew! Hope you’ve stayed dry and warm where ever you are.

Cheers from the Meadow!

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