Day: April 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning – Inside and Out

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpring cleaning now is both an indoor and outdoor activity around here. While the daffys start to bloom Ede and I are both scrambling to get at our  jobs that have been on the ‘After the Snow is Gone’ list. This whole lifestyle of “step outside and there will always be something to do” suits me fine! (Had to wonder what I’d be doing with all those hours not spent on snow plowing, digging out gates, and trudging donkey paths through the drifts!) 😉

We’re continuing to work away at the woods. I think this project will go on for years. We are slowly reclaiming those few acres from years of … well … human abuse … There are so many old dump piles out there. I am amazed some days at what is rising up out of the dirt. I want to get at as much of it as I can before the grass and the saplings leaf out. Then you can’t see as much. I’m finding parts of old farm machinery, an old bed frame(?), roofing, old bottles, tires, rusted out cans, and old burning bins. Then there is the brush that needs to be thinned out and the many branches and sticks that need to be piled and moved. There is never a dull moment out there! My reward – seeing the donkeys RUN and play hide and seek up there on the cleared pathways.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis afternoon, as I was coming down the hill after moving a load of wood, I found Darby looking very mischievous on the trail. She stopped and pretended to ignore me. At first I thought she was nervous about the Bully (our side by side) … but no … turned out she was playing ‘cat and mouse’ with a chippy. As the chipmunk would dart out from behind a rock she’d follow it to the next hiding spot. She went all the way up hill in this manner until she lost it down a hole.

Then she came back to urge me to open up the gates to the front field … project number two. We’ve come to the conclusion that our front ‘pasture’ needs to be a front ‘paddock’. Darby’s digestive system is very sensitive. It seems that the lush grasses that grow in the wet lower pasture are just too rich for her to handle. Not wanting to get anywhere near what happened last year (colic / laminitis) we’ve shut ‘er down. That is a shame because it really is their favourite place to hang out and play. However – ever talented and on the ball – Ede has already lined up a meeting with a local contractor who could deliver LOADS of fill to help us convert it. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it might be something that gets attention in the next two weeks. We’ll keep the hillside that the donkeys love to make sand baths on and convert the lower sections to a fine gravel footing. I’m getting excited about the prospect of it being a dry area – well drained – with no open water (aka mosquito nursery) to speak of. The donkeys will love being able to be out there any time of year. It will be the ‘race run’! 😉

So … after a day of puttering we’re happy to see a couch or cozy chair for a few hours!