Day: April 24, 2014

Out of Favour

Willie4It would come as no surprise to friends and family that I’ve been known to harbour a few squirrels in the garage, fed cheese to field mice and even fought for the freedom of a beautiful brown female rat that lived under our bird feeder one winter …
Willie3However – I seem to be having NO trouble setting my mind to trapping and removing as quickly as possible the ‘cute’ ground hog that has dug itself a condo on the side of the hill in our front pasture. For days we thought this big hole was the work of Darby and Paco. And perhaps some of it was. (If you had seen them chasing the orange tabby cat through the woods you could picture them digging down after a ground hog …)
Willie1Ede went on a research mission and gathered the low down from our friendly expert at ‘The Curiosity Shop’ (aka The Parham General Store – Hope’s Place) … I need to do a post to introduce you to their amazing digs! AND goods! The result of that meeting of minds is this contraption. The skid and the trap are Ede’s contributions. The log and sticks are mine. I’m really nervous that the donkeys are going to disappear down this burrow! I wanted to make sure the hole was obvious – or at least the debris all around it was …
Willie2The rocks in the top right of this picture are what I used to block the hole when I first discovered ‘Mr. Hog’ (or Mrs.?) watching me while I pitched the donkey compost into the bin. He was so still when I looked at him that I couldn’t be certain that I wasn’t just seeing a ‘face’ in the sandy hillside. He gave himself away when I turned – he vanished. Aha! Now I don’t see us hanging his corpse on the fence row as a trophy … but I DO see him gone. Stay tuned.


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