Day: April 21, 2014

Easter Visitors

Easter Visitors3We had some Easter visitors arrive for lunch today. Kate and Corey were on their whirlwind tour of Whitby – Kingston – Smiths Falls – Parham. It’s always a treat when they land here at the Meadow! Nicole and Mike came up the road to visit too. All of which was very agreeable to the herd.
Easter Visitors1Nicole had the ‘goods’ and caught the attention of the littles right away …
Easter Visitors2Rosie decided the very best place to be was as close to Nicole and the carrots as possible. Smart girl that one! And Darby – ever watchful – didn’t take long to catch on either. 😉
Easter Visitors4And sure enough … after taking in all of the ‘busy’ness … Paco decided it was worth the approach. I think Nicole has four new best friends she can visit any time!